About the market

On December 16th, 2006, the Ubud Organic Market, a joint venture of small businesses in our town, held the first organic market on a Saturday morning, hosted by Pizza Bagus restaurant in Pengosekan. 

The decision to try and organize a market turned around input from a few Balinese organic growers in the area—one of whom had been impressed by the weekly farmer’s markets she’d seen on a visit to the United States. Other interested friends came together to offer advice and share skills and within a few weeks the market was launched. 

The initial impetus to open a market turned around a perception on the one hand that it was difficult for customers to access reasonably priced organic produce, and on the other, a concern that independent growers had trouble reaching their targeted markets. Creating a forum that would bring these two parties, the buyers and the sellers together, while also including local businesses selling health conscious products, became the group’s goal. Another aim has been to distribute information about organics and alternative health, food, cleaning and beauty products. However, along the way it has also become clear that the market provides another essential ingredient for Ubud. It creates a community space where people come together on a weekly basis and celebrate the common purpose of healthy living. 
Since the original founding of the Ubud Organic Market, there have been a number of new members included, and in our current form we offer sellers of organic vegetable and fruit produce, jams, soy milks and other drinks, healthy snacks, packaged flours and other staple items, organic and artisan breads, seedlings, health promoting plants and tinctures, soap nuts, household cleaning items and beauty products. 

Our group successfully functions as a cooperative, with decision-making done jointly and tasks shared between all of the group members. By cutting out the middlemen, our cooperative is also able to keep pricing competitive and interact directly with buyers in the community. Our mission is to: 

Support local communites 
Support independent organic growers 
Support small businesses selling directly to buyers 

We produce and distribute natural, homemade, chemical free products, made with love. However, the Indonesian green-organics movement is still gaining momentum and some products that we offer may not be 100% organic or may require plastic packaging to observe proper standards of hygiene and ensure a longer shelf life. Visit our market in person or to find out more about individual businesses in our cooperative, each seller’s product line can be viewed individually on this website. 
The market discourages the use of plastic bags, so come with your own bag when you shop, or buy one of our re-useable cloth bags. 
See you there!

We would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors Warung Sopa and Pizza Bagus Cafe for providing the space for us.