Alami is a small business that sells organic agricultural produce that uses organic and traditional techniques for the production process. Alami started from the beginning of 2006, we started with an organic plantations in West Bali, which is managed by Ketut Adi, a farmer from Jembrana, West Bali. Plantation products which are sold to collectors was at a very unfair price and bought really cheap. Therefore Ketut Adi tried to cultivate and sell his own produce. Alami’s products are initially sold only in the Ubud area, but since joining the Organic Market, Alami’s products have been popular and we have become suppliers for organic stores primarily throughout Bali, especially in the Ubud, Sanur and Kuta area.

In our 1-hectare land, we use solid and liquid compost fertilizer and neem oil and leave, also local plants for natural pesticide. We plant many different kinds of crops, such as cocoa, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, mahkota dewa, rosella, coconut, lemongrass, and different varieties of local fruits.

Because of limited funds to purchase modern equipment, all current product processing are still done using traditional methods, yet maintain quality, hygiene and health. Alami’s produce are all processed without chemicals ranging from planting, treatment until the harvesting process.

In addition to selling products from our garden itself, we also sell products from other farmers like, honey, which is being sold to support the NTFP (Non-Timber Forest Products) program. Sea salt is also sold to help salt farmers in the Klungkung area.

Here are some choices of products we offer:

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) & Coconut Flake
Our VCO is cold press process and all coconut comes from our garden

Raw Honey & Cinnamon
Our cinnamon comes from Bali and The Honey comes from Apis Dorsata bees and it forms one big comb on a big tree in Sumbawa forests, this product supports the NTFP (Non-Timber Forest Product) Program.

Sea salt
Our sea salt comes from Kusamba, East Bali, this salt is produce with special process. It is very clean and healthy.

Our vinegar comes from Pupuan, Tabanan, Bali. It is made from organic rice.

Herbal Tea
Rosella, Secang, Neem tea, Moringa, Ashitaba tea, Lemongrass, Chamomile, Ginger, etc. All Comes from Bali and Lombok