Baliwood Organic Farm

In December 2009, Caroline relocated to Bali from Singapore with her husband who had a near-fatal heart attack in March 2007 but survived with “irreversible brain damage”. Caroline believed that living in a stress-free environment, close to nature, and eating homegrown organic fruits and vegetables could help to prevent any further deterioration of her husband’s mental condition and perhaps even reverse it. 

Baliwood Organic Farm was created as a gift of love from Caroline to her husband. It was his personal Space of Love, his own ‘magical kingdom’ to commune with nature, who reciprocated by showering him with love and great joy. Every morning at 6.30 am he would put on his favourite gardening hat and with his ‘magic’ broom he would sweep the entire 200 metres of the specially constructed walkway until it was clean and free of debris. He would also trim overhanging branches of the living fence, harvest the vegetables for his meals and collect seeds for our Seed Bank. With nature as his pharmacy, his physical condition improved considerably and he was mobile, but sadly he never recovered from his brain impairment, and on 22 April 2012, at the age of 60, he died peacefully in his sleep at home. 

In memory of her husband, Baliwood Organic Farm will remain a personal “not-for-profit” farm where visitors can buy organic herb and vegetable seedlings, learn how to make compost and graft fruit trees or simply admire and be inspired by the happy plants in the farm, all grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. 

In November 2011, in collaboration with IDEP Foundation, Caroline obtained a small table at the Saturday Ubud Organic Market at Pizza Bagus to promote IDEP’s organically grown seeds, and her farm’s organic seedlings, together with herbs and vegetables that are available from the farm that day. All proceeds from the sales at the Organic Market go directly into a fund for the 2 Balinese farmers who lovingly take care of the farm. 

Caroline’s vision for Baliwood Organic Farm is for it to become a Learning Centre for organic farming. “Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe. Nothing made by human hands can compare with this information either in size or in accuracy” – Anastasia.