dLé Homemade

Starting from our desire to be economically independent and not tied to working with other people or companies, we are determined to make a business. The business that we want is a business that benefits not just economic benefits that we get, but also benefit the social life. 

Therefore, we built a business that directly or indirectly gives a good contribution to society and the environment in this case food. We hope that the dLé Homemade Organic Soy milk that we produce at home is useful for those who consume them.

What is dLé Homemade Organic Soy Milk?
  • A healthy drink, which comes from organic soya beans & natural ingredients.
  • Very Nutritive: it’s an excellent source of high quality Proteins, Isoflavones & Vitamins B.
  • Homemade with Hygienic Processing.
  • It only contains Vegetables Proteins.
  • It’s Lactose-Free, A Good Choice for people who are Lactose Intolerant.
  • Reduces Osteoporosis, Cholesterol, And Prostate Cancer & Breast Cancer.
  • Relieves Menopausal Symptoms.
  • Makes our Heart, Bones & Eyes Healthy.
  • Does not cause Diabetes.
  • Antioxidants.
  • Doesn't cause Allergies.
  • No Preservatives, No Additives, Chemical Free.
  • Fair Trade.
We have 3 different types of flavors that you can choose from:
  • Plain Soy Milk
  • Palm Sugar Soy Milk
  • Chai Soy Milk

Other Produce:

Turmeric Juice
Chemical Free
Ingredients : white & yellow turmeric, betel, honey, water.
For antiseptic, antibacterial, breast cancer, diabetes.

Rice Galingale
Chemical Free
Ingredients : rice, galingale, palm sugar, water.
For painkiller, refresh the body, acne, stamina, fever, cold, migrain.

Fresh Strawberry
Chemical Free, vitamin a, antioxidant.

Available at:
  • Ubud Organic Farmers Market – Pizza Bagus
  • Bali Buddha – Ubud & Kerobokan
  • Juice Ja – Ubud
  • The Pantry – Sanur