Kebun Kami

We have been working on our organic garden for almost 10 years. Our goal has been to not only grow our own produce but also to teach the techniques of organic gardening to our neighbors in Pengembungan. The Ubud Farmer’s Market has been instrumental in completing this process by providing a venue where the local people can reap some financial benefits from growing organic produce.

At Kebun Kami we make all of our own compost. We buy cow manure from our neighbors and also collect the cuttings from their rice crops. Normally they burn the cuttings, so there is no problem getting as much as we need. We also mix in grass cuttings and leaves collected by our gardeners in the day to day process of maintaining the grounds where we live. We then layer all of the ingredients into our compost pile and just add water. Within 2 months we have beautiful compost for our garden.

We started a worm farm. We bought kilos of worms from one of the other vendors at The Ubud Farmer’s Market and he then instructed our gardeners in the process of layering cow manure and water to create a "nightclub" as he called it, where all the worms could gather to eat, drink and make more worms. We use the castings in our seedbed and also as a top dressing for lettuce.
Organic gardening is a labor of love. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose and sometimes you get rained out. It is always hard to predict what will happen and the vegetables are not necessarily as beautiful as the ones from the supermarket. But, just give our produce a try and you will discover taste and a little love.

We offer:
  • Salads (Arugula / Rucolla, Romaine lettuce, Emerald oak lettuce, Bronze arrow lettuce, Sweet valentine lettuce, Basil lettuce) 
  • Herbs (Basil,Sweet basil, Cinnamon basil, Coriander, Parsley, Dill, Mint Minzuna mustard - Fern leaf, Mixed chards (red, yellow, green), Lemongrass, Comfrey) 
  • Vegetables (Celery, Zucchini, Radish, Corn, Tomato) 
  • Fruits (Passion Fruit / Marquisa (local), Papaya) 
  • Bali "Gaga" rice 
  • Natural poultry and eggs (Free range chickens & eggs, Duck eggs) 
  • Homemade flour tortilla