Kebun Rumah Dua

Om Swastiastu is the Balinese way of saying welcome and Selamat Datang. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Kebun Rumah Dua. 

Kebun Rumah Dua is small farm and organic garden located in Puakan village north of ubud. In this village the soil is very good for agriculture and horticulture. Organic agriculture is a holistic system of production that takes farming back to basics. Organic farmers strive to incorporate practices that are mindful of their effect on the Earth to create a minimal adverse effect on the environment. Organic practices generally include growing food in harmony with nature, without the use of pesticides to create a community within soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. Although a truly organic certificate is hard to come by in Bali due to the complex irrigation system, our produce is grown organically and is as chemically free as possible. At Kebun Rumah Dua we offer a wide range of products from teas, fruits and vegetables and we offer finest product to our costumer and that is our primary goal.

Come visit us at Puakan, Taro, Bali. 

Contact us at: 
  • +62 81 236 349 250
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